Yeah, I know they are minor, but....

1 . Three middle names are given for Barney: Oliver, P., and Milton.
2 . Miss Clara Edwards is also called Mrs. Clara Johnson and in one early episode she is called Bertha.
3 . Goober Pyle was once called Goober Beasley by Andy.
4 . In one episode, Floyd Lawson is called Floyd Colby.
5 . Asa Breeney is also called Asa Bascomb.
6 . Jud is refered to as Jubal; in one episode he is called Burt(his real name).
7 . Dudley D. Wash is also called Dudley A.Wash.
8 . Howie Pruitt, Opie's friend is also called Howie Williams.
9 . Opie's girlfriend, Sharon McCall, is also called Sharon Porter, Karen Burgess, Karen Folker, and Ethel.(All were played by the same actress).
10 . Town loafers Chester Jones, Jase, and Choney are played by the same actor.
11 . Three different addresses are given as the home of the Taylors: 14 Maple, 24 Elm and 332 Maple.
12 . Barney's length of service as Deputy: he was sworn in on August 1953, yet in another episode, he celebrates his fifth anniverary on May 16, circa 1963.
13 . Goober's age: he was born in 1941, but he buys Wally's Service station in the mid-1960's at the age of 36: later he is said to be 33.
14 . Floyd Lawson has a son and a wife in a couple of episodes, but he is a widower with no children in another episode.
15 . Barney buys his first car from Mr. Lesh, but in some early episodes, he already had a car.
16 . Gomer Pyle is not much of a mechanic in early episodes: he just pumps gas. Later, he can diagnose and fix all sorts of mechanical problems.
17 . When Barney was locked in the bank safe, he escaped by busting out through a wall into a beauty parlor. In a later episode, Andy states that the bank vault has not been opened in 15 years and it has a door in the back.
18 . Since the battle of Mayberry was fought in 1762, Mayberry's Centinial padgent should be a Bicenentennial pageant.
19 . On several occasions, Barney says it's twelve miles to Mt. Pilot, but Andy says it's an hour drive: Emmitt once said it was about a 30 minute ride.
20 . Raleigh is said to be fifty or sixty miles from Mayberry, but it once took Emmitt 5 hours to drive there.
21 . There is supposed to be only one hotel in Mayberry, The Mayberry Hotel, but later the Blu-vue, the Gibson, and the palmerton hotels are mentioned, and a sign on one building says Gem Hotel.
22 . Goober locks up the station at 6:00 p.m., but the sign says open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
23 . Barney's car from Raleigh, Aunt Bee's convertible, and Otis's jalopy all have the same licence plate, AY-321.
24 . In one episode the squad car license plate is not JL-327, as usual, but it is DC-269.
25 . Barney's weight is given as 100, 132, and 138 pounds.
26 . Aunt bee says there is only one train in and out of Mayberry a day, but the timetable at the train depot says 3.
27 . Various structures in town seem to float from location to location, especially the church building. Almost all of Andy's girlfriends have lived across the street from the church.
28 . In the first class reunion, Barney and Andy were graduates of Mayberry Union High class of 1945, but in the second reunion, a banner reads "Class of '48."
29 . Mayberry Union High is also refered to as Mayberry Central High.
30. One of the popular bands to play at Mayberry dances is Freddy Fleet and his Band with a Beat, but is is also called Bobby Fleet.
31 . Mt. Pilot is sometimes mentioned as if it were in the same county as Mayberry, but it is usually said to be in Pilot County.
32 . Aunt Bee sometimes cooks her rib roast at 300 degrees and sometimes 350 degrees.
33 . Helen indicates in 1968 that she had been in Mayberry for eight years, but it is unclear where she was hiding the first three years.
34 . Poindexter was sheriff in 1946, but Andy didn't mention him when he once gave a complete rundown of all the sheriffs since 1941.
35 . The show's credits once listed William Keene's character as the Reverend Martin instead of Tucker. (No reference to the reverends last name in the episode itself.)
36 . Emma (Brand) Watson's house is near the lake in one episode and in downtown Mayberry in another.

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